Life on The Rowland Ranch

"What's life like for Jane Rowland," you ask? Well, here you go...a small glimpse into the wonderful reality I live in. Enjoy!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Little Graduate

Our sweet Elizabeth graduated from Kindergarten a few weeks ago! What a precious girl she is! I have to say it's been such a joy and pleasure to be her teacher this first success in completely teaching one of my children to read. Yahoo!! I'm so proud of myself..and her, of course! Our Elizabeth has become quite a proficient little reader. In fact, today, she grabbed a 200 page book and decided she was going to read it all by as a Mom I didn't want to squash her enthusiasm..but Anne of Green Gables I think is an 8th grade reading level..we'll see how she does. :) I've noticed lately that our Elizabeth has a gift of teaching..when her older sisters get annoyed or irritated with showing a younger sibling how to do something, Elizabeth will sit down and spend an hour explaining in detail, step by step the exact way to do something...and doesn't tire at all of question after question..she's so very patient explaining things...she has a natural teaching ability..maybe she'll even be the one to teach Naomi to read in a few years..I wouldn't be surprised one bit. We had such a fun time at her graduation ceremony. First..a trip to McDonald's for breakfast, her choice of course..then we came home for the festivities. Matthew downloaded pomp and circumstance and we all gathered around as Elle walked down the hallway, complete in cap and gown (and bare feet) ;)..she walked with pride and confidence and listened intently..for the most Daddy said a few words about her and then presented her with her diploma. My favorite part was watching her gaze at her Daddy with such loving eyes, knowing she'd accomplished great things in her first year at Shining Stars Academy..the name of our homeschool. Now, if you want to see the whole's about 10 minutes'll have to go to and check it don't want to miss seeing our Elizabeth recite all 50 states, continents and oceans, solar system, read a I a proud Mamma/teacher or what??!! :)
I love you so very much Elizabeth! You are a precious young lady who is growing into a mature young woman. We're so excited about all the exciting plans Jesus has for your future. Keep loving him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and you will accomplish great and wonderful things!!

An ache behind my smile.

Have you ever found yourself smiling with an ache in your heart? That's how it's been for me going on five years now. Life is great..I have so very much to be thankful for, yet at the end of the day..when I search my heart, there is a dull ache in the very depths. Those of you very close to me know of the ache I'm talking about. Almost five years ago my Dad went to Sudan, Africa and contacted Cerebral Malaria. We almost lost him. He really hasn't been the same since. Now, I'm not sure what your relationship is like with your Dad. Me and my Dad are tight. Super tight. Let's just took me an entire year to "leave and cleave"...I remember when Matthew and I were first married, going into the bathroom and crying my eyes out because I missed my Dad. The comfort, the unconditional love, the joy I saw in his eyes when we spent time together. Now, you gotta understand that Matthew is an INCREDIBLE husband...I couldn't ask for more..just had a time of grief letting go of my Dad as the main man in my life.'s been a huge, long, uphill battle since Dad contacted Malaria. We've seen some great progress and some days no progress at all. Yet...we trust that Jesus has Dad in his very capable and loving hands. I rely on Psalm 91 that says "Because he loves me, says the Lord..I will rescue him, I will protect him for he acknowledges my name..with LONG LIFE will I satisfy him and show him my salvation!"
We all love you're going to make it through this. We're standing with you, believing for a complete and total healing. You're the greatest Dad in the world!! And Mom...your grace and strength through all of this has been incredible! Your unconditional love for Dad and your selflessness is remarkable and a true example to all of us. I love you both more than you'll ever know. Love, Buggy.
***UPDATE! Dad has been doing great now for the past several months. Thank you Jesus!! That ache in my heart?...It's gone! :) Love you Dad!

A little snappy....

Ok, so you all know that we have our new puppy, Katie. Well, it's been so fun seeing Judah getting adjusted to his new little friend. They immediately became pals..they run around together, snuggle up together...have lots of fun. I've noticed the last couple of days though that Judah can get a little bit "snappy" with our new puppy...especially when he's hungry, hot, irritated...or seems concerned about something (thunderstorms)..and when he just needs some one on one time with his Mamma..(me) :) I've watched all this transpire, I've realized that in my mothering I can get a little bit "snappy" at times...seems to be when I'm hungry, irritated or concerned about something..(like waiting two long weeks for a biopsy on a mole...not to worry, no skin cancer here!)...or just during times when I know I need some one on one time with Jesus. Now, I know some of you are saying.."YOU, Jane?? Snappy??..don't you talk in a sickly, sweet voice all day long to your kids?" Ummm...nope. There are certainly times when I use my "tense" voice, or find my tone a little bit louder than it needs to be..or when I just get plain snappy with my hubby. My daily prayer is that my kindness and gentleness would be evident to ALL. Who is my all? My all are six fantastic kiddos and an incredible husband. Who is your all? Have you found yourself a little bit "snappy" lately? This is what works for me...cast those cares and concerns on Jesus, make sure you get some one on one time with Him and then grab an oreo...ummm..or an organic, pesticide free nectarine. :) Walaaa..!! Kindness and Gentleness evident to ALL!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

My honey.

"Can it ever get better than this??!!"....I clearly remember thinking that very thought over 13 years ago when Matthew and I were on our honeymoon...the answer is a big YES!!...hard to believe that I could love him even more than I did 13 years ago..but it's absolutely true. Matthew means more to me than words could ever say. It's been so much fun loving him all these years. Matthew and I are a great team. That's what it takes to run a home with 6 kids! Teamwork...loving, serving, selfless teamwork. Recently my honey took several hours and put a porch swing up for me..this was our anniversary present to ourselves. I pray that we will have many, many, many long years together swinging on that porch swing..that someday we'll be snuggled close watching our grandkids...our in the yard as we sit and remember all the wonderful times we've shared together. I love you honey. You're the greatest gift Jesus has ever given me.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our new puppy.

Introducing...the newest member of the Rowland Family! Katie!! She's cute, adorable, furry..and very precious to us. We decided Judah for sure needed a friend and Katie has been just perfect! We all love her so much already. Now that makes 13 pets for's a breakdown....Judah and Katie (Great Pyrs), Enoch, Lightning, Honey & Spice (goats), Freckles (pig), Juan & Uno (ducks), Twizzler, Starburst, Rolo (bunnies) and finally...last but not least..Rose. (hamster)..and should I count the very cool sea monkeys that Becca has growing in her room? Not exactly a pet..she hatched the eggs and started off with what looked to be a million of these tiny we're down to one....ok, we'll count him/her....that makes the eight of us..yep...we're feeding 22 mouths here at the Rowland Ranch! No wonder that grocery bill is so high! Yikes! And..we for sure can't forget our horses...well, not really OURS..we take care of them 9 months out of the year for Pine Cove Christian Camp.. though we're merely caretakers we feel like they're part of the fam too...Winchester and Maylee...that makes 24!
You can see lots of cute pix of Katie at

It's Me..Plain Jane!

Hi! I'm Jane. I fit all the characteristics of plain...Plain Jane...except for one thing..I have 6..yep..6..!!!!...wonderful, adorable, incredible, amazing children...who unlike me..are FAR from plain!! I love being a children (and Jesus..and my hubby) are my greatest joy! I don't know what my life would be like without all my little ones. I don't want to know!

I guess the best way to start this blog is to just start!! I'm probably not going to put a ton of pix up..if you want to see lots of pix and'll need to head on over to our family website. Matthew for sure keeps that updated on all of the latest happenings in video and pictue format! I'm creating this blog because I want some way to be able to keep track of all the fun happenings here at The Rowland!!!