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Friday, July 18, 2008

My honey.

"Can it ever get better than this??!!"....I clearly remember thinking that very thought over 13 years ago when Matthew and I were on our honeymoon...the answer is a big YES!!...hard to believe that I could love him even more than I did 13 years ago..but it's absolutely true. Matthew means more to me than words could ever say. It's been so much fun loving him all these years. Matthew and I are a great team. That's what it takes to run a home with 6 kids! Teamwork...loving, serving, selfless teamwork. Recently my honey took several hours and put a porch swing up for me..this was our anniversary present to ourselves. I pray that we will have many, many, many long years together swinging on that porch swing..that someday we'll be snuggled close watching our grandkids...our in the yard as we sit and remember all the wonderful times we've shared together. I love you honey. You're the greatest gift Jesus has ever given me.


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