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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our new puppy.

Introducing...the newest member of the Rowland Family! Katie!! She's cute, adorable, furry..and very precious to us. We decided Judah for sure needed a friend and Katie has been just perfect! We all love her so much already. Now that makes 13 pets for's a breakdown....Judah and Katie (Great Pyrs), Enoch, Lightning, Honey & Spice (goats), Freckles (pig), Juan & Uno (ducks), Twizzler, Starburst, Rolo (bunnies) and finally...last but not least..Rose. (hamster)..and should I count the very cool sea monkeys that Becca has growing in her room? Not exactly a pet..she hatched the eggs and started off with what looked to be a million of these tiny we're down to one....ok, we'll count him/her....that makes the eight of us..yep...we're feeding 22 mouths here at the Rowland Ranch! No wonder that grocery bill is so high! Yikes! And..we for sure can't forget our horses...well, not really OURS..we take care of them 9 months out of the year for Pine Cove Christian Camp.. though we're merely caretakers we feel like they're part of the fam too...Winchester and Maylee...that makes 24!
You can see lots of cute pix of Katie at


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