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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Me..Plain Jane!

Hi! I'm Jane. I fit all the characteristics of plain...Plain Jane...except for one thing..I have 6..yep..6..!!!!...wonderful, adorable, incredible, amazing children...who unlike me..are FAR from plain!! I love being a children (and Jesus..and my hubby) are my greatest joy! I don't know what my life would be like without all my little ones. I don't want to know!

I guess the best way to start this blog is to just start!! I'm probably not going to put a ton of pix up..if you want to see lots of pix and'll need to head on over to our family website. Matthew for sure keeps that updated on all of the latest happenings in video and pictue format! I'm creating this blog because I want some way to be able to keep track of all the fun happenings here at The Rowland!!!


  • At Tue Jul 29, 09:22:00 AM , Blogger shipra said...

    Yahoo! I get to be your first comment!

    And for the record, there's NOTHING plain about you. You're one of a kind and the very best friend a girl could have. Looking forward to keeping up with your posts.


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