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Saturday, July 19, 2008

A little snappy....

Ok, so you all know that we have our new puppy, Katie. Well, it's been so fun seeing Judah getting adjusted to his new little friend. They immediately became pals..they run around together, snuggle up together...have lots of fun. I've noticed the last couple of days though that Judah can get a little bit "snappy" with our new puppy...especially when he's hungry, hot, irritated...or seems concerned about something (thunderstorms)..and when he just needs some one on one time with his Mamma..(me) :) I've watched all this transpire, I've realized that in my mothering I can get a little bit "snappy" at times...seems to be when I'm hungry, irritated or concerned about something..(like waiting two long weeks for a biopsy on a mole...not to worry, no skin cancer here!)...or just during times when I know I need some one on one time with Jesus. Now, I know some of you are saying.."YOU, Jane?? Snappy??..don't you talk in a sickly, sweet voice all day long to your kids?" Ummm...nope. There are certainly times when I use my "tense" voice, or find my tone a little bit louder than it needs to be..or when I just get plain snappy with my hubby. My daily prayer is that my kindness and gentleness would be evident to ALL. Who is my all? My all are six fantastic kiddos and an incredible husband. Who is your all? Have you found yourself a little bit "snappy" lately? This is what works for me...cast those cares and concerns on Jesus, make sure you get some one on one time with Him and then grab an oreo...ummm..or an organic, pesticide free nectarine. :) Walaaa..!! Kindness and Gentleness evident to ALL!!


  • At Tue Jul 29, 09:14:00 AM , Blogger shipra said...

    always have a hard time believing you EVER get snappy with your little Rowlands. Gives me hope though :) That whole gentle and quiet spirit thing sometimes feels so beyond me...nice to know that even you have to work on it!


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