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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Still smiling...

Here's our Anna. Smiling Anna. Happy Anna. Really, for the most part she usually has a smile on her face. Last night I was sound asleep when I felt this burning sensation on my arm. I bolted up out of bed and there was sweet Anna. "Mamma, I'm hot". I could tell in an instant that yes, indeed..SHE WAS HOT! I ran to grab the trusty thermometer and sure enough she had a raging fever of 103.4. :( Can I just say...I don't like fevers. I know all that stuff about how they're really great because they're fighting infection and everything, but I still don't like them. I usually get an instant tightness in my tummy and any desire to eat quickly vanishes as soon as one of my kids gets a fever. Compassion?..fear?...whatever it's no fun and always accompanies my kids fevers. Well, this afternoon the fever was down to 100.5, so I laid off the tylenol for a couple of hours and the kiddos had rest time. Then along came Anna.."Mamma, I'm hot"..sure enough..fever. 105! Yikes!! I called one of my dear nurse friends. She gave me some good the fever is down and hopefully she's through this super quick! We have lots of friends praying for our sweet girl and guess what...?...she's still smiling!! :)


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