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Friday, November 14, 2008

My Man.

Right now...I miss my man! He's at a men's retreat tonight. I'm so thankful he gets to go and be encouraged and do some fun "manly" stuff. I am, sitting all alone in our bedroom missing him like crazy. You'd think after 13 years of marriage, that we've probably spent our share of time apart. Not the case. I think the most we've ever been apart was last year, when Matthew and his best friend in the world..Joshua Houser..went on a once in a lifetime trip to the Grand Canyon. Matthew was away for 6 long nights. Before that, I think the most time we'd spent away from each other was two nights.

What do I miss about my man tonight? I'll share a few things...
1. I miss the way he makes himself his very own batch of chocolate chip cookies almost every night. (ok, not his very own..he buys one of those big tubs from Costco and scoops them onto a tray)

2. I miss the way he sits at his desk and concentrates for hours on his homework. (Only two more classes and he'll have his degree!! I'm so proud of him!) Yet, he still takes time to listen to me and tries so hard to answer questions like this one... "Honey, who did you talk to today?" Ummm...poor guy! What kind of question is that anyway?!
3. I miss the way he smells. So clean! He should be..he takes at least two showers and a bath per day..and I'm not kidding!

4. I miss the way he brushes and flosses his teeth and washes his contacts...this whole process takes at least 30 minutes...he does it every single night, so faithfully and consistently. I love the way he makes fun of me for not being a very good flosser...ok, the truth? I'm not a flosser. Once in a while I pretend to try to floss, just to make him happy, but I'm pretty sure he's caught on. He just rolls his eyes at me when I pull out the floss.

5. I miss the way he comes to bed and puts his freezing cold hand on my back to make me scream. I know..torture!

Ok, I could go on and on..but for now I'll leave you with those 5. I love you so much honey. Can't wait to see you tomorrow! I'll always miss you. Whether its one night or the 10 hours you're away at work, or the 45 minute trip to Home Depot. Life is always better when you're here. You are loved.


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