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Monday, November 10, 2008

Special to Anna...

Part of our homeschool curriculum is to write a letter to someone on Thursday afternoons. Now..this is NOT a simple task..we have to decide who we're writing to, think of what should be said...anything besides the ongoing list of all of our animals...!..then comes the first draft, which they bring to me and we sit together and fix all the spelling mistakes..followed by the final draft and even a picture..usually. Well, I just have to share about Anna's letter. She came up to me having drawn the cutest picture of her and Grammy. Now, letter writing with a four year old can be pretty tricky at times...some serious we go.."Anna, what do you want to say to Grammy?" Without even a second thought, Anna piped up, "Grammy, you are so very special to me." And that's it. Grammy, you are special to Anna.


  • At Wed Nov 12, 05:39:00 AM , Blogger shipra said...

    aw, Jane...could your family be any more endearing? And by the way...awesome pic of Anna. Her hair is getting soooooo long.

    We volunteer to be Thursday letter day receivers anytime!


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