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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Our Little Graduate

Our sweet Elizabeth graduated from Kindergarten a few weeks ago! What a precious girl she is! I have to say it's been such a joy and pleasure to be her teacher this first success in completely teaching one of my children to read. Yahoo!! I'm so proud of myself..and her, of course! Our Elizabeth has become quite a proficient little reader. In fact, today, she grabbed a 200 page book and decided she was going to read it all by as a Mom I didn't want to squash her enthusiasm..but Anne of Green Gables I think is an 8th grade reading level..we'll see how she does. :) I've noticed lately that our Elizabeth has a gift of teaching..when her older sisters get annoyed or irritated with showing a younger sibling how to do something, Elizabeth will sit down and spend an hour explaining in detail, step by step the exact way to do something...and doesn't tire at all of question after question..she's so very patient explaining things...she has a natural teaching ability..maybe she'll even be the one to teach Naomi to read in a few years..I wouldn't be surprised one bit. We had such a fun time at her graduation ceremony. First..a trip to McDonald's for breakfast, her choice of course..then we came home for the festivities. Matthew downloaded pomp and circumstance and we all gathered around as Elle walked down the hallway, complete in cap and gown (and bare feet) ;)..she walked with pride and confidence and listened intently..for the most Daddy said a few words about her and then presented her with her diploma. My favorite part was watching her gaze at her Daddy with such loving eyes, knowing she'd accomplished great things in her first year at Shining Stars Academy..the name of our homeschool. Now, if you want to see the whole's about 10 minutes'll have to go to and check it don't want to miss seeing our Elizabeth recite all 50 states, continents and oceans, solar system, read a I a proud Mamma/teacher or what??!! :)
I love you so very much Elizabeth! You are a precious young lady who is growing into a mature young woman. We're so excited about all the exciting plans Jesus has for your future. Keep loving him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and you will accomplish great and wonderful things!!


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