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Friday, November 14, 2008

My Compassionate One.

Abby. Full of compassion. Our Abby is like no other. Living on a small farm, having lots of animals can be quite distressing at times, for one so when we go out to feed our new baby chicks and find that they've been attacked by a opossum. From almost an acre away I could see and hear the cry of my Abby. My heart melted..a little bit for the chicks, but mostly for her.

Abigail Grace. Our Abby is full of grace and compassion for others. She's the one who needs to know where everyone is at every moment. And watch out..! Because if she calls your name and you don't answer right away...well, let's just say, everyone in this family knows to answer Abby's call quickly! She's our giver. She has a dollar to spend at Wal-Mart? She'll buy her sister a chocolate bar. She loves and cares for others. There's a lot of others around here, so we keep her pretty busy! I love you so much Abby! Our family would not be complete without you. Thanks for loving and caring so much for all of us!


  • At Thu Nov 20, 05:49:00 AM , Blogger Shipra Panosian said...

    how did I miss these earlier posts? I miss your family, Jane. You are raising such warm-hearted, tender girls. Abby sounds like such a little mother hen.

  • At Sat Nov 22, 09:31:00 PM , Blogger BlogChik said...

    when Naomi was crying, Abby would always be the first one to hear from the other room. and she would get off from playing and would go to make sure Naomi was ok. she is amazing!


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