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Sunday, March 8, 2009

"In Jesus Name..!"

Recently, I was in the front of our property checking on the animals...the kids were all taking a break from was a lovely Texas day for bike riding..(one of the many reasons I love homeschooling!!) I was walking back to the house, enjoying the fresh air.. I look to my right and see sweet Elizabeth riding her bike along the I'm walking I hear her say.."In Jesus name, satan, YOU HAVE TO GO!" I was a little bit startled by her declaration and made a u-turn.. "Elizabeth, are you ok?" "Oh, yes Mamma! Something was telling me to crash my bike..I know it was satan, so I told him to go and he did." :)

Wow! Powerful, right? The faith of a child. How often do I allow little lies or discouragement to come into my mind, and not take the time to say.."In Jesus name.."

Can I just brag on the children's Pastor at our church for a minute??!! One thing he teaches the kids is that one of the main things our enemy can do is lie to us...we have to be ready with God's word and tell him to flee! It really does! Next time you hear a little lie in your head..think of my sweet Elizabeth....and have the faith of a child!


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