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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

He Loves Us.

We had an incredible Good Friday service this year. I was so touched in a new way by the sacrifice Jesus made for us and the love of the Father to lay down the life of His one and only Son for me.... I couldn't stop the tears as I sat in the service. When we got home, Matthew and I put the kids to bed and he told me he had a clip he wanted me to watch. I watched it. Here it is.

It was incredible. Still gets me every time I watch it. It's 8 minutes long..but worth every second. It's a simple song about the love of the Father for us, but something so fresh and new penetrated my heart as I watched it...or as I cried through it. :) I pray that you too would experience in a new and fresh way the indescribable love of our Father for YOU!


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