Life on The Rowland Ranch

"What's life like for Jane Rowland," you ask? Well, here you go...a small glimpse into the wonderful reality I live in. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Rowland Family In Action!

We were all sitting at our kitchen table this afternoon, having a nice Sunday lunch together....when all of a sudden our baby girl, Naomi, started choking. Wish you could've seen all of us in action..! I'll try my best to describe the scene. Matthew got her out of her seat and started smacking her on the back..meanwhile I'm calmly saying..(I mean it..really..I was calm!) "Honey, should I call 911?" She was still coughing a little bit..but barely, and taking in no breath. Matthew said, "Honey, call 911." So, I grab the phone and call. Becca jumps into action along with us.."Daddy, I have a book about this!" (she just so happened to be reading a babysitters training book last night about what do to when a child is choking) Becca heads upstairs to grab the book. In the background of a somewhat peaceful situation I hear Abby praying.."Jesus, please help Naomi to be ok, Jesus, please help her to breathe!" Meanwhile Elizabeth is calmly crying..(we needed a few tears). Anna pipes up, "What's going on?" Daniel is just observing the whole situation. As I'm talking to the 911 operator, I'm asking Matthew over and over.."Is she breathing? Is she ok, honey?" They're dispatching...and finally Matthew says.."She's ok, honey. She's ok." We cancel the dispatch. Phew! We all sit back down..each one of us with very wobbly legs..our appetites gone. Matthew and I hug and we all thank Jesus together for protecting our sweet baby girl. I was so amazed by how we all worked together! The Rowland Family Rocks! :)

"In Jesus Name..!"

Recently, I was in the front of our property checking on the animals...the kids were all taking a break from was a lovely Texas day for bike riding..(one of the many reasons I love homeschooling!!) I was walking back to the house, enjoying the fresh air.. I look to my right and see sweet Elizabeth riding her bike along the I'm walking I hear her say.."In Jesus name, satan, YOU HAVE TO GO!" I was a little bit startled by her declaration and made a u-turn.. "Elizabeth, are you ok?" "Oh, yes Mamma! Something was telling me to crash my bike..I know it was satan, so I told him to go and he did." :)

Wow! Powerful, right? The faith of a child. How often do I allow little lies or discouragement to come into my mind, and not take the time to say.."In Jesus name.."

Can I just brag on the children's Pastor at our church for a minute??!! One thing he teaches the kids is that one of the main things our enemy can do is lie to us...we have to be ready with God's word and tell him to flee! It really does! Next time you hear a little lie in your head..think of my sweet Elizabeth....and have the faith of a child!